Geico Camel Hump Day = Great Brand Recognition


Geico Camel commercial is pure genius.  If you have not seen the latest “Happier than a ….” commercial by Geico than do not fret.  We have the video below.  Before watching the video I implore you to take a minute to understand how it is such great brand recognition and advertising.

Done thinking?  Well if you guessed laughter, comedy, or some type of funny entertainment than you would be correct.  Laughter/humor is one of the most powerful emotions we have as a human.  In a study over at some of the cognitive benefits of humor and mirth are increased creativity, improved problem-solving ability, enhanced memory (for humorous material), etc.

The latter is what the company Geico and it’s latest commercial with the Geico Camel have brought us.  I know that with Geico I can recall several of their commercials that I personally found hysterical.  The funnier they are the more I remember them.

So, how is this brand recognition?  Geico is using the power of humor to enhance your memory about their brand.  It did not start with the Geico Camel.  It began with the Geico Gecko who eventually became their mascot.  When the Gecko lost his resonance with the humor factor of their audience they moved on.

geico-caveman-airport geico camel

The next iteration were the Geico Cavemen, and the slogan was “So easy a caveman can do it.”  Once the cavemen tired out it was on to the Geico pig.  You see a pattern here?

geico pic geico camel

Something as serious as purchasing automotive insurance can be made fun and entertaining.  Take a look at your brand and see if you can replicate humor just like Geico.  If the humor is done well it is possible for it to go viral and that is what you are looking for.

Now, enjoy my favorite Geico commercials that made me laugh until I almost cried and enjoy their Geico Camel.  Do not also forget to send us some of your attempts at making your brand humorous.  We love a good laugh.  Comment as well and let us know what you think is your favorite or what you find funny.

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